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Aksesoris Listrik : Jasa Konsultan Engineering
Aksesoris Listrik : Jasa Konsultan Engineering
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Jual Aksesoris Listrik : Jasa Konsultan Engineering

Spesifikasi Aksesoris Listrik : Jasa Konsultan Engineering

Aksesoris Listrik : Jasa Konsultan Engineering


Design and Consultancy

Feasibility Studies

  • Electrical Designs and Specifications for Electrical Power Networks from 11kV to 150kV
  • Electrical connections and infrastructure for renewable generation schemes

Technical Services

Substation and Powerplant condition assessments and surveys

Building Services

Design/Specifications and project management for commercial and industrial installations

  • Lightning Protection Systems

Earthing Design and Transient Analysis

Electrical interference studies with other services

  • Design/Re-design of substation earthing systems (11kV to 400kV)
  • Earthing system modelling
  • Design of Earthing / Lightning Protection /LV Supplies for aerial installations on transmission towers
  • Lightning Protection Schemes
  • Fast Transient Analysis Studies
  • Insulation Co-ordination

Power Quality

  • Quality of Supply and fixed plant assessments and advice
  • Harmonic measurement analysis
  • Flicker measurement and analysis
  • Transient disturbance measurement and analysis


Protection scheme design and specification for Generation, Transmission and Distribution systems

Power System Analysis

Full range of power system analysis studies ( Load Flow, Short Circuit, Harmonic, Protection Co-ordination, Dynamic Stability)



Specialized computer hardware and software can assist with analysis of power system problems. A computer model enables the engineer to readily perform complex calculations and to evaluate the performance of the system by simulation. After the study has been completed, a copy may be retained which c